Value Companies

Value Companies

With a portfolio of over 3,000 multifamily residential apartments, Value Companies has established itself as one of the pre-eminent property management organizations in the northeast. With strategic thinking, we helped ensure their position in the market.


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Doubling Down on Growth

Since inception in 1952, Value Companies experienced longevity and name recognition, but occupancy rates weren't consistent across all of its properties. We worked with their team to develop a set of online tools and programs that would provide a steady flow of potential tenants, helping to fill vacancies and ensuring that its fully-leased communities remained so.

Our Approach


The Right Audience for the Right Community

Potential tenants learn about specific Value Companies' communities online through landing pages developed and hosted by a third-party leasing platform. Our focus was to drive as many potential tenants as possible to these pages.

Demographic Variations

Each Value Companies property caters to a different lifestyle, is geographically unique, and offers specific benefits and amenities. Not that we would have blanketed the web with generic ads anyhow, but the number of demographic variations required more in-depth research.

Defining the Tenants

First we identified the right tenant for each community, and then we created content and advertising around those individuals. We developed a questionnaire for each property's leasing manager to better understand what amenities and benefits defined that community and which tenant lifestyle-family, retiree, single commuter, etc.-it suited best.

A Series of Campaigns

Next, using criteria and audience information from Facebook's ad platform, we built tenant personas around each property's location and offerings. We then created a series of campaigns based around each property, focusing on the benefits of renting an apartment there.

Easy Response System
Account Creation
Ad Optimization

We monitored ad performance carefully so that in the first months of our campaign's launch we were able to drive the costs of our ads down to a phenomenal .39 per click - with thousands of potential new tenants sent to the client's landing pages.

Instagram and User-Generated Content

In addition to harnessing Facebook to drive interest in Value Company's communities, we're building and nurturing an Instagram channel where tenants can share local content and promote their experiences at Value communities.

Documented Activity


An Online Brand Refresh


On the heels of our successful advertising campaigns, we overhauled Value Companies' corporate website to infuse energy into the client's brand and better focus on an increasingly web-savvy audience.

In addition to Value Companies' landing pages, the corporate site provides one more touch point for potential tenants and adds more weight to search engine results.


Here, potential tenants can learn more about individual communities and developers can consider Value Companies as a potential manager of their own properties.

The overhaul also provided the means to better present the Value Companies story, focusing on the tenant-focused approach each community offers and Value Companies' emphasis on service and accessibility.

Here we are.

2 Green Village Road, #204 Madison, New Jersey 07940 973.377.1175

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