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The Fania Roofing Company has been installing roofing systems for 70 over years. They emphasize quality, consistency and service in all of their work. We worked with the Fania family to develop a website that communicated these values and positioned them attract high-quality inbound leads.


User experience, custom website design and development, content management system, photography, web strategy and positioning

Can Digital Actually Inspire Trust?

The roofing industry suffers from a reliability issue. Fania Roofing bucked this trend with a near-religious adherence to quality and customer service. They also knew their way around commercial and residential roofing like nobody's business. Our goal to was to capture and convey these principles, establish trust, and then make it easy for customers to reach out.


A B-to-B website’s user experience should get customers through the door. For Fania Roofing this meant prominent contact forms and a readily accessible 1-800 number. Clear and simple; no need to over-engineer.


As with most B-to-B company’s Fania’s customers are often their own peers, so proof of technical expertise is a must. We worked with the client to develop case studies and project stories that would help validate Fania Roofing in the eyes of other professionals.


Nothing inspires trust more than satisfied customers, and Fania Roofing has a ton of them. So, we ensured that testimonials were peppered across the entire site. And, we provided custom photography so that customers could see – and relate to – the real people that were delivering such great work.

“When I sat in BCS Interactive’s office as they presented the proposal and how the site would function, I could tell right away that they were different from the others. Their help in forming the site as well as brainstorming the overall layout was extremely helpful. I’m extremely satisfied.”

Nick Fania // Commercial Roofing Manager

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