The Reminder vs The Remindee: Why You Want to be the Reminder at Your Job

At your job, you are one of two people: the Reminder, or the Remindee (yes, I made that word up). This is pretty simple to understand: you are either constantly reminding your coworkers of deadlines, meetings and tasks, or you are constantly being reminded. At this point, you probably know which one you are.

As the project manager at my job, I am undoubtedly, by default – the Reminder. Whether it’s setting dates on the calendar, making sure to-do lists get completed, or reminding my boss of the same thing 6 times in one day, I’m the one to do it.

I won’t lie – I used to hate this; and if you assume this role, then you know that it can invoke feelings of frustration and at times, even make you feel like a babysitter. But I have recently discovered that being the Reminder is a wonderful role to have, and I will tell you why.

Most of us want to obtain a certain level of power at our jobs. It’s the reason we work hard, stay late, produce good work, and deal with things we don’t want to deal with on a day to day basis. Every position has an element of power to it, but it’s the “add-ons” to your position that can and will ultimately increase your power level.

Being a Reminder is a small and easy add-on, but nonetheless a very important one. You want your coworkers to depend on you every day. When you’re out, you want to be missed. When you’re back, you want to be greeted with sighs of relief and a bunch of catching up to do. It means your role in the company is important.

So, take the little add-ons with a smile and use them to your advantage. By doing so, you are working towards a position of greater power, with greater responsibility (sounding familiar?).


Takeaway: It’s important to always be looking for new responsibilities to take on, even if you feel that they don’t necessary fall under your job description. If your work environment lacks a designated “secretary”, assume the role yourself in a casual way. Be the one to put things in the calendar. Write post-it note reminders for others if you know they don’t check it regularly. Set reminders for yourself to remind THEM of important tasks (you may have to read that one twice.) Don’t kill yourself doing it, but be the person that people rely on. You won’t be sorry. And who knows? You may even get a raise.

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