Bronx Charter School for the Arts

Bronx Charter School for the Arts

Bronx Charter School for the Arts is a public K-8 school founded on the belief that a rich and vibrant education in the arts is a key component to achieving academic excellence.


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Capturing the Spirit of a Life-Changing School

Visit Bronx Charter School for the Arts and you’ll be inspired to dance, draw and sing. In our redesign of the school’s site, our goal was to capture this magic and invite parents to immerse themselves in all things Bronx Arts.

Our Approach


Defining “Bronx Hustle”

Bronx Charter School for the Arts (or “Bronx Arts”) is a proud and forward-thinking institution. But as a charter school, it faces tough competition, and must adhere to strict operating guidelines. To these ends, the school’s website is a critical tool in guiding parents, attracting teachers, and informing the public-at-large.

Our first step was to capture Bronx Arts as genuinely as possible – knowing that parents and prospective teachers would see through anything that wasn’t 100% Bronx. This meant:



We visited Bronx Arts, immersing ourselves in the school’s culture, processes and vibe.



We met with parents, teachers and support staff to understand what Bronx Arts meant to them.



We studied other schools to see what separated Bronx Arts from the pack.


An Experience Designed Around Parents

As we researched how people were using the Bronx Arts’ site, we heard more than once that “users can’t find what they’re looking for.” Moreover, the school offered many quality programs, services and processes – much of which wasn’t featured on the current site.

Focusing on two primary audiences: Parents (key decision-makers) and Teachers (the heart of Bronx Arts), we developed a site map that would become the navigation for the site, inclusive of all of the content and services Bronx Arts needs to satisfy all of its audiences.

To support an excellent user experience, we developed wireframes to help the client understand how elements and content would lay out and interact on the site. Prior to considering colors, images and graphic elements, wireframes gave the client the “feel” of the website and allowed them to focus on usability and interface structure:


Capturing Magic Through Design

Throughout all our work on the Bronx Arts website, we wanted to convey to parents that their children were in the right hands, and receiving the best possible arts education. We achieved this through a visual design that expressed inspiration, joy, and community – the principles that set Bronx Arts apart.

The Bronx Charter School for the Arts website is a testament to the families, teachers and staff that make up the Bronx Arts community. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in the school and find what they need quickly and easily. More importantly, the site embodies the essence of Bronx Arts, giving visitors of all walks an important glimpse into an amazing place.

“BCS Interactive is professional, creative, and extremely collaborative. They were excellent partners, actively engaged in our mission.”

Jasmin Abbatiello // Director of Development & Communications, Bronx Charter School for the Arts

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