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Having delivered hundreds of websites, campaigns and digital tools over the years, we’ve noticed that nothing is more top-of-mind for clients than how it’s all going to get done.

So, here’s an overview of how we’ll manage your project.
The process we describe here is typical of most projects, but will vary depending upon your project’s specifics, timeline and other factors. Also, the process below relates to the building of stand-alone products like websites, apps and software tools.

If you’d like to learn about how we deliver digital marketing programs including SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing, we’ve provided a section on that below.

Project Kick-Off + Discovery

As soon as the ink dries, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager (PM) who’ll be responsible for managing your project to completion. The PM will be your day-to-day contact, although you’ll have access to the other members of your project team, as needed.

The PM will set up a formal kick-off meeting for your project. Normally, we like to meet face-to-face, but given recent public health concerns all of our meetings are being held remotely, for the time being.

The kick-off meeting ensures that everyone is on the same page, and allows us to learn about your organization in greater detail. So, we’ll ask you to come prepared to speak at length about your organization, goals, target audience and more.

To help spur this discussion, we’ll provide an extensive project questionnaire in advance. You won’t have to formally fill this out (although some do), it’s simply meant to prompt conversation.

Depending upon the specifics of your project, other discovery processes may take place, such as:

  • Stakeholder, customer and/or client interviews
  • Location walk-throughs and on-site visits
  • Development of customer profiles/personas

Using the information we gather through these processes and the kick-off meeting, we’ll develop the foundational tools for the project.  These might include:


    A visual architecture of all of the pages that will be on your website, along with page titles and organization.


    To assist in design, we might construct a physical or virtual board of colors, contextual imagery and content to establish a mood for how we want users to feel when they interact with your site or application.


    Line drawings of your website or application. These blueprints, delivered digitally, propose where content will go on a given page, how different processes interact, and what the user will experience.


    We’ll recruit objective users to provide opinions on how well an existing product does or doesn’t work. We’ll then use that to inform how we build the new site or tool.

“Our process has been built and refined over time based on actual client needs; you’ll need that level of rigor given the complexity of the marketing problems we’re solving. ”

Jessica Pollison // BCS Interactive Senior Account and Project Manager

Setting a Project Schedule

During the planning phase, your PM will create a project schedule to which we’ll both be held accountable. The schedule will include timelines for the various project phases and the delivery of content.

We’ll typically use Teamwork to manage your project, but may also include Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets, depending upon project specifics.

Gathering Content

The production of content for your project – text, images, videos, logos and other content assets – is the most important factor in determining when your site or software will actually launch. Typically, content is the responsibility of the client, although we can provide writers and supporting team members if you need assistance. Your PM will work with you during the planning phase to set up a content delivery schedule. They will also provide a content grid, listing the specific content required for each website or application page.

How We’ll Communicate With You

We’ll make ourselves accessible to you and insist that you do the same. Nothing will delay a project more than either side “going dark.” Unless it’s a true emergency (app is crashing, site is down, etc), your PM will be available during the hours of 9-6 PM, Monday through Friday. Across the board, we try to respond as quickly as possible to project inquiries, but in certain cases may take up to 24 hours. But don’t worry, it will all get done.

Although many agencies these days use real-time chat tools like Slack, we find those to be too intrusive to orchestrate thoughtful, quality work, so we communicate through a combination of telephone, email and screenshare services like GotoMeeting.


All of the information we gather from the planning phase serves to produce the design of your project. Our work agreement will have outlined the specifics of design deliverables, along with rounds of revisions.

Our standard process is to provide you with the design of major pages of your site or app (i.e. homepage, interior page and a transaction page for sales or donations). Once approved, we’ll use these core designs to arrange and build-out the rest of the site or application.

Depending upon the scope of your project, we’ll typically present these designs in a “static” (i.e., pre-functional) online format. In certain cases, we might provide a working, coded prototype of the site or app.

Following design approval, we’ll move into the build stage.


With approved designs in-hand,
we code the website or application, and integrate any third-party items like software plugin-ins, APIs, as well as marketing tools like social media channels & email marketing products.

We build your project on our own server and will provide you with a staging link to view progress. Each page will be built according to the sitemap and wireframes developed in the planning stage.

When we’ve finished coding every page of the product, we’ll add the content management system (CMS), if applicable, and populate the project with all of the content you’ve provided.

Quality Assurance

Once all your content has been entered, we'll test your product on a series of physical devices as well as via online tools to ensure it's working as intended.

We’ll repair any coding bugs or user experience issues based on these tests.  We’ll also ask you to review everything with a fine-tooth comb.  That means:

  • Reading and proofreading all of your content for spelling errors, inconsistencies and placement.
  • Testing all forms, tools, and processes – across mobile and desktop devices (don’t worry, we’ll be doing the same!)
  • Overall, making sure everything’s working as we both anticipated.

We’ll correct any of the quirks that either of us might find and then, congratulations. You’re ready for launch!

What About Hosting?

Since we’re not a hosting or IT company, we prefer to leave the hosting of your live website or application to the professionals. Software security and product uptime are something we take very seriously (these days you should, too).

To that end, we’ll provide you with several quality options for the hosting of your website, and we’ll guide you through the process. Once you feel confident in your choice of hosting providers, we’ll deliver the site to them and work collaboratively toward launch.

What about ongoing SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing?

During the course of our work together, opportunities arise, and we’ll advise you on the right channels for your organization’s growth. That may include a way of raising funds online, or growing your owned media list of subscribers with an incentivized, email capture campaign. It might mean increasing inbound leads by improving your position and visibility on Google or developing a targeted social media campaign.

If you have an in-house team with expertise on how to execute on our recommendations, our work with you may entail digital strategy alone.

Questions on our process?  Want to learn more about digital marketing tools and tactics?  We’re here for you.  Call us at 973.377.1175 or drop us line via the Internet.

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