What To Expect

Helping to build, grow and manage your organization is an intimate process, and we’re going to be working closely. 

That’s why before we start, we like to put it all out there. The more you know about us, the better we can gauge if we’re a mutual fit.

So, here are a few things about what it’s like to work with us at BCS Interactive:

We View Digital as Mission-Critical

We live in the age of digital transformation. Organizations that get this right will thrive, while those that don’t will languish.

We look to work with people who see their website and digital marketing as critical infrastructure. Just as you’d invest in talent, office space or equipment, if you consider your online properties as essential tools for the growth and operations of your organization, we’re on the same page.

We deliver serious products for focused, growth-minded clients. If this is you, it’s a great first step towards a successful relationship.

“Your online presence – how you greet the world through digital – plays a huge role in your organization’s success. It’s imperative to get it right.”

Lou Kotsinis // Co-Founder + CEO, BCS Interactive

Vendor? That Hurts.
Partner? Now We're Talking.

Even though we build for a digital world, our business is based on personal relationships—and the best relationships are those where both sides view each other as equals - as partners.

We bristle at the term “vendor” because it suggests commodity. And that’s simply not us. Our unique value proposition is rooted in the trust and peace of mind we deliver before, during and after our work together.

We emphasize mutual respect, frequent and clear communication and impactful work, founded on years of experience and expertise.

We Come Prepared

We have systems in place. We follow a process. We do our homework, and we show up to win. We take schedules seriously and strive to get the best out of you and your organization. We’ll hold one another accountable, the way meaningful, productive relationships should.

Sound like a fit? If so, let’s talk.

Here we are.

350 Springfield Avenue #200
Summit, NJ 07901


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