New Jersey Conservation Foundation

New Jersey Conservation Foundation

Since 1960, New Jersey Conservation Foundation has protected over 120,000 acres of New Jersey farmland and natural areas.


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Turning Website Visitors Into Mission Advocates

Research showed that individuals who visited NJCF's protected natural areas (called "Preserves") were far more likely to become supporters. But due in part to a sub-par online experience, actually getting people to visit the preserves was a challenge. That's where we came in.

Our Approach

We worked with NJCF to re-imagine how website visitors discovered and learned about their local preserve, building an intuitive process that converted online users into preserve users. By making it easer for individuals to research, locate and participate in protected natural areas, we helped NJCF introduce their mission to thousands of people, and develop advocates along the way.


What Exactly is a "Preserve?"

Step one was to educate people on all of the amazing work that New Jersey Conservation Foundation does – from preserving natural spaces to advocating for smart environmental policy. We knew that once people realized how much the foundation’s services impacted their own daily lives, they would be more inclined to support the mission.

Informing and Preserving

A key goal of our work with NJCF was to inform the public on issues of land use that related directly to them. We overhauled the presentation and organization of their content for clarity and impact, and developed a design and user experience that connects the user directly to the cause on an emotional level.


Make It Easy For Visitors to Find What They Need

A Preserve at Your Fingertips

We organized NJCF preserves according to zip codes, and then synced Google Maps to each location; a user search would then return the preserves closest to them. Users now had multiple ways to plan their trip – and, although the goal was to get them onto the trails – they could first delve as deep as they wanted without ever stepping foot outside.


Plan Your Trip In Advance

Once a site visitor had the natural spaces closest to them, they were ready to plan their trip. Our goal was to create a design and user experience that got them everything they wanted to know about a particular preserve before they stepped foot on a trail. Using NJCF’s extensive library of preserve assets, we built out comprehensive preserve guides, including descriptions, maps, and suggested activities.

“BCS Interactive helped us assess our overall digital strategy – and then homed in on those areas that would be most critical to our success. The results were spectacular. ”

Bill Lynch // Assistant Director, Education Programs & Communications

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