Resurrection Episcopal Day School

Resurrection Episcopal Day School

Resurrection Episcopal Day School (REDS) is a New York City-based Montessori community committed to the intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and physical development of their children.


Strategy; website and app design

Making Parents' Lives Easier

With so many demands on their time, REDS parents seek quick, secure means to access their child’s curriculum, activities and school news. We partnered with REDS to build web-based tools and experiences that made it easy for parents to find what they need, while providing the school's management team with operational efficiencies.

What We Built

The REDS Website

A great website is the foundation for creating smart, accessible web-based tools. We worked closely with REDS staff and teachers to create a look, feel and user experience that worked for both parents and staff alike. For the school's content management system we chose Wordpress, which provided a flexible framework to build all of REDS' required processes and functionality.

Parent Directory

As a means for REDS parents to stay connected with one and other, we developed a password-enabled parent directory within the content management system. REDS staff are able to upload the full directory via Excel spreadsheet, or make individual updates directly in the CMS for manageable and efficient upkeep.

Public/Private Calendar

With so many events and programs occurring throughout the school year, parents and staff need a quick place of reference around which they can plan. To this end, we created a web-based master calendar that’s controlled by REDS staff; a toggle switch within the CMS allows REDS to decide which information will appear on the public-facing calendar, and which will be accessible only to parents via a password-protected login.

After School Programs Platform

This year, REDS introduced after-school and enrichment programs for their students. We developed an e-commerce platform within the CMS to showcase the programs, communicate with parents regarding program availability and allow them to sign-up for open classes. An inventory system indicates to both parents and staff which programs are still open, and which have been fully matriculated.

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