Pillar Care Continuum

Pillar Care Continuum

Since 1953, Pillar Care Continuum (formerly Cerebral Palsy of North Jersey) has been enhancing the lives of people with disabilities and
other special needs by supporting personal growth, independence
and community participation.


Strategy, Website Design + Development

Building A Website that Satisfies Multiple Stakeholders

Like most nonprofits, Pillar Care Continuum relies on more than one audience to meet their operational and revenue goals. Our job was to understand what motivated each of these audiences and then build an experience that spoke to each, all under one cohesive web presence.

Our Approach

When designing for multiple groups, focus is the key. If the voice and user experience for each group aren’t clearly defined, the overall web presence will appear incoherent. Here’s how we approached
each audience:



We worked to uncover the motivating factors that drove each group; What would they look for once they arrived at the site? What would prompt them to take action?



We distilled each audience’s motivations into one or two words; this would act as a target around which to create content and user experience.



For each audience, we then created design and selected functionality that would support their most important needs.

Audience: Donors

Pillar Care’s individual and community donor bases are motivated primarily by a sense of connection (does this organization’s mission resonate with me?) and ease (how simple is it for me to give)?

To establish connection, we evoked a day in the life of the Pillar Care community, using custom photography to underscore the warmth,
dedication and expertise
of the Pillar Care team:

Donating: Easy as 1, 2, 3

We integrated Salsa Lab’s donation platform into the client’s website, which allows for quick and seamless donations. Users simply enter their payment information into this widget, which keeps the user on the same page the entire time and guides them through an intuitive three-step process.

Audience: Large Funders
and Government Agencies

Before committing grants and financial resources, large funders and government agencies look for reliability, and want to know the extent of Pillar Care Continuum’s service offerings. Our solution was to showcase the rich array of services offered by Pillar Care, in ways both basic (an extensive and clear main navigation) and creative, like building a series of cards and associated icons to promote each service more prominently:

Audience: Referral Sources

Groups like special education coordinators and statewide therapists that refer families and individuals to Pillar Care Continuum look not only for reliability but capacity. Does the organization have the bandwidth to support the volume of referrals provided to them in a way that doesn’t sacrifice care? Here, we built data visualization tools, like this interactive map that not only specified where Pillar Care services were located by county, but helped route the interested referrering source to the right Pillar Care representative to learn more:

“With an organization of our size, it’s a challenge to ensure we’re satisfying everyone involved. BCS Interactive helped us create a unique experience for each of our key stakeholders, and the results have been fantastic.”

David Bishop // Vice President, Development and Communications

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