The Uplands Center

The Uplands Center

The Uplands Center is a non-profit retreat center dedicated to caregivers and social change-makers. They provide an environment for renewal and innovation that empowers guests to make the world a better place.


Website Design + Development, Branding, Logo Creation, Content Strategy

Capturing the Heart of a Unique Brand

The Uplands wanted to evoke the healing power of their retreat center while showcasing the tranquil landscape. We had the honor of exploring their center and worked alongside them to capture the calming and restorative atmosphere in their new brand, website, and content.

Our Approach

Establishing Brand Identity

Through multiple iterations, we landed on a logo design and tagline that captured the essence of The Uplands’ brand. By blending earthy greens to represent multiple, natural elements within a continuous, flowing pathway, we were able to evoke a feeling of vibrant continuity. For the name and tagline, we chose a classic typeface that strikes a balance between timeless grace and clean, modern innovation. We then used the logo to create their letterhead and business cards, incorporating the logo as a watermark and highlighting expansive imagery from the center. Our goal was to immediately transport the individual to this soothing location.

Utilizing Nature to Generate Tone

In order to build a website that accurately represented this special place, we started with a mood board. Images from the grounds at The Uplands allowed the beautiful location to speak for itself, but we needed more to set the tone for the organization. We pulled common themes from our discussions: earthy hues, colors inspired by sunsets, images of healthy food, animals, restorative practices such as art therapy and journaling, clean and modern interior design, and people coming together to exchange ideas.

Incorporating colors inspired by nature and organic textures such as linen, paper, and bark added to the atmosphere of fluidity, integrity, and harmony that one experiences at The Uplands.

Telling Their Story

Content is an often-overlooked element required to get a start-up off the ground. The Uplands struggled to hone their message and couldn’t be found in search results. Using interview-style questioning, we helped organize their thoughts and converted them into working documents for their team to finesse. This process enabled them to find their distinct voice.

Once the content was completed, we implemented search engine optimization on each page, and within 3 months of launch, their site went from being on the second search engine results page to the number one result for the term “Uplands Center,” surpassing their competition.

The Results – First 3 Months


of traffic from organic search


rank for “uplands center” in SERP



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