Mental Health Association

Mental Health Association

The Mental Health Association (MHA) strives to improve the care and treatment of individuals with mental illness and to remove the stigma associated with emotional and mental disorders.


Website Design + Development

Improving User Experience for Consumers in Need

MHA focuses on assisting consumers in need, but their site was holding them back with a poor user experience and content geared more to mental health professionals than consumers. Our priorities were to help MHA reorganize their content and create an easy to use, welcoming environment for an everyday audience.

Our Approach

Finding Their Focus

Through an extensive discovery phase and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, we learned that our primary audiences were consumers and their family members. Although these individuals use MHA’s services the most, the site was not designed with them in mind – but rather towards mental health professionals, and thus featured confusing and often overwhelming industry terminology. We created a new sitemap that offered a consumer-centric navigation, creating, combining, and recategorizing pages to break up content into manageable bites. And, we swapped technical and industry terms for more accessible page titles.

Inspiring Hope Through Color

MHA already had 7 vibrant brand colors on their site, but they weren’t displayed consistently, resulting in a visual design that was busy and overwhelming. We worked to address that inconsistency to align with MHA’s core mission: to inspire hope and healing. We implemented subtle color-coding to associate programs, sections, and pages with a specific color and employed large blocks of color to separate each area on any given page. The result was a brighter visual experience that allowed the user to feel welcomed and hopeful.

At the End of the Day, Function is Key

Since fundraising is a key function of the website, we had to ensure that site visitors would have a pleasant donation experience. Unfortunately, the donate button didn’t work on their former site when viewed on mobile devices, and the donate page was difficult to use.

It was crucial that the user be able to easily access this page from anywhere, so we included a prominent “Donate” button that appears at the top of every page, across devices. We also assisted MHA to find a suitable service that could host their donor data and donate form, which enabled us to add a much more user-friendly, concise form to the page.

“With an agency of our size and scope, gathering all of our content under one roof is a challenge. BCS Interactive helped us streamline, focus and tell our story in a compelling, user-friendly way.”

Steven M. Ryan, CFRE // Senior Director of Development

The Results


increase in page views


increase in average session duration


decrease in bounce rate

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