World Childhood Foundation USA

World Childhood Foundation USA

Founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden, World Childhood Foundation is a global organization that seeks to inspire, promote and develop solutions to end sexual abuse, exploitation, and violence against children


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Streamlining a Global Organization for Growth

Working with World Childhood Foundation USA, we built a custom portal to automate their grant submission and approval process, allowing applicants to securely apply for funding, while greatly reducing administrative effort.

Our Approach

Simplifying the Grant-Approval Process

Each year, Childhood USA receives hundreds of grant requests from grassroots child abuse prevention and programs. Since the foundation gives each application equal consideration, the vetting process is extensive and draws resources away from competing priorities such as strategy development, awareness and fundraising.

The Right Experience for
Grant-Maker and Grant-Seeker

Our challenge was to develop a digital workflow that saved time for both the foundation and the applicant, while ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the application review process.

Client Experience Needs:

Client Experience Needs:

  • efficiently receive and store hundreds of applications
  • quickly pre-approve a program for application consideration
  • review and communicate grant decisions completely online

Applicant Experience Needs:

Applicant Experience Needs:

  • ability to comprehensively make their grant case
  • receive clear, direct communications regarding application status
  • feel secure in submitting sensitive information


To qualify for funding consideration, programs must meet certain baseline criteria related to their location, mission and values. Working with Childhood USA leadership, we developed an online pre-screening application, the information of which pools into a secure database. We then provided functionality to allow the client to review and respond automatically to the applicant based upon their submission criteria. Previously, Childhood USA fielded phone calls and random application emails; this new workflow saves significant time and ensures that critical information resides in one place.

The Application

Once approved through the pre-screening stage, program representatives can then establish their own application account and begin the process of submitting information and data for grant consideration. Applicants can pause and re-start their application as needed; once submitted, the foundation can then communicate their decision(s) through the platform.

Childhood USA's program application portal is a significant step towards the foundation's mission of constant improvement–and the overarching goal of providing its stakeholders with the best experiences possible.

“Their work has helped us modernize our model in certain ways — that has been a gift to us. Overall, having this portal democratizes grant-making. ”

Nicole Epps // Executive Director

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