Pillar Schools

Pillar Schools

Pillar Schools provide intensive academic and therapeutic programs to prepare special needs students with resources for all stages of life.


Strategy, Website Redesign and Redevelopment

Capturing an Organization's Brand Through Digital

Pillar elementary and high schools offer some of the highest quality special education in the state. But the school’s real differentiator is its staff: knowledgeable, selfless and dedicated. Our task was to capture the schools' essence for an online world.

Our Approach


First, Make it Usable

Before we begin a design, our first concern is the user. What are their expectations? What types of users will arrive, and what are their needs? We envisioned the Pillar Schools website to accommodate a unique, artistic and warm design, but one that was grounded in a logical and intuitive user experience. Working through iterations with school administrators, were able to develop a schematic that helped us determine the best placement of content, images and user interface tools to provide a great user experience for website stakeholders


A Picture is Worth (more than) a Thousand Words

One visit to Horizon Schools and we realized that the school’s strength was not just its services or technology – but its people. Students and staff burst with energy and evoked a warmth that underscored trust. As such, custom photography was key to immersing the site visitor in the school experience.


Design Differentiation is Crucial

With so many websites-and so many special needs schools-in the public eye, creating a unique design that stands apart is key. Drawing from our central themes of warmth and expertise, we introduced flourishes, brush strokes, and unique design elements to evoke the humanity and vibrancy of this great school.

“BCS Interactive helped our schools showcase their amazing talent, technology and passion for our students. Our site is now the starting point for engaging our parents and community at-large. ”

Joseph Schwartz // Pillar High School Principal, VP of Education

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