Juneteenth is Here. What Have We Learned?

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder last year, I like many white Americans was shocked into the uncomfortable truth that appallingly blatant racism exists in this country and that, aside from some admirable feelings and empty words, I hadn’t been doing a single thing about it. So exactly one year ago today my company, […]

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Improving Website Messaging to Raise More Dollars and Increase Awareness (Webinar)

How Can I Give If I Don’t Know What You Do?  Recently, we had the pleasure of presenting a webinar with our friends over at Salsa Labs on a topic that many mission-based organizations struggle with: improving website messaging.  In other words, how can an organization quickly and with impact, define who they are on […]

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Nonprofit Technology and Your Organization’s Long-term Success

Although it’s taken a while, more nonprofits and socially-conscious organizations are embracing a digital-first mindset towards their marketing and operations. They’re realizing that the purposeful use of nonprofit technology, digital tools and online advertising is the most effective way to engage their supporters and stakeholders, as well as to manage critical functions like staffing, fundraising […]

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