A Checklist for Maximizing Student Enrollment Online

If your school follows a fall/winter recruiting cycle, now is the time to put resources and effort into maximizing student enrollment online. Students and their families are already exploring schools, but given the pandemic, they’re spending more time online than ever before. It’s crucial to use digital marketing tactics now to get in front of […]

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Using Private School Retargeting to Drive Enrollment

November is approaching, and that means we’re entering peak enrollment season. If your school adheres to a February application deadline, the next three months will be critical as you’ll likely be receiving the highest amount of traffic from prospective students to your website and social media channels during this time. Are you capturing those initial visits […]

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Building a Student Recruitment Page That Converts

Fall is here, and that means student recruitment is under way, even if it will be a process unlike any we’ve experienced before. This year, using online channels to reach students and parents is non-negotiable, as travel and traditional means of in-person student recruitment are on hold due to the pandemic. Whether your prospective students […]

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In a World of Disruption, How is Your School Being Perceived?

The global pandemic has upended how classes will be taught this fall. A resulting economic recession has cast uncertainty into enrollment forecasts and financial aid budgets. And a presidential election that promises to be the most consequential of our lifetime is only 90 days away. Talk about disruption.   With so much uncertainty, it’s okay […]

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How Are You Communicating To International Students?

Yesterday, the Trump administration reversed course on a controversial set of guidelines that would have revoked the visas of international students whose schools transitioned to online-only classes during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though they weren’t implemented, the mere publication of the guidelines probably sent your team into a scramble to understand how to interpret the […]

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3 Steps to Building an Online Student Recruitment Pipeline

Now that the coronavirus has put a temporary hold on in-person recruitment events and travel, it’s critical that independent schools build the infrastructure, strategy and tactics necessary to reach prospective students and families online. Even when things return to (a new) normal, having these systems in place will pay future dividends in terms of exposure, […]

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Throw Out Your “Content.” Write From The Heart.

I’m in the middle of William Zinsser’s On Writing Well – a classic guide to writing non-fiction that I recommend to anyone looking to improve their writing skills.  Zinsser advocates concise, clutter-free writing.  He admonishes his readers to write with purpose.  Reading a book like this got me thinking about “content” and “content marketing” – and how […]

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Why Facebook (Still) Matters for Non-Profits – Part One

It’s always hard to feel sorry for a company that’s grown so large it’s become an inescapable part of our lives. Lately though, Facebook has been receiving an especially bad rap; first, in the notion that it’s no longer the “hip” social media platform. Second, and more importantly for anyone responsible for marketing, is talk of […]

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Don’t Believe the Hype. Believe Your Users.

One of the downsides of the constantly evolving nature of the Web is that it provides fertile ground for hyperbole. With changes in digital marketing occurring so swiftly, tech writers and digital thought leaders readily take to blogs to announce the end of what was, seemingly just yesterday, an effective process or technology. Specifically, I’m referring to […]

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