How to Choose a Fundraising Platform, Part Two

Welcome to part two in our series on how to choose a fundraising platform. As I noted in part one, rather than picking a system based solely on referrals or research, it pays to first think through your organization’s requirements, capabilities and expectations. The right choice of systems can reap benefits for years to come, […]

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How to Choose a Fundraising Platform, Part One

If you’re a nonprofit decision maker, at some point you’ll have to consider (or reconsider) how to choose a fundraising platform for your organization. This can be a painful process. Over the last 10 years, there’s been an explosion of online fundraising products, tools and software. There are legacy systems, niche players and shiny new […]

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Using Digital to Cope with Crisis

Crisis Management for Nonprofits By now, the reality has set in that our lives will be disrupted significantly for the foreseeable future.  As a non-profit leader, you’ll bear an especially heavy burden as fundraising, networking and association events are postponed or canceled entirely.  But that doesn’t mean it’s time to despair. On the contrary, thanks […]

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Google is taking over search traffic. What does that mean for your non-profit?

Recently, SparkToro’s Rand Fishkin painted a bleak picture of the current state of search, detailing a trend that most of us in the digital marketing community have been witnessing for years: that Google itself is increasingly providing answers to searcher’s web queries at the expense of content publishers and websites.  Among his findings: Google solves half […]

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Three Things Your Website Should Be Doing Yesterday

My family and I are currently renovating our home. It’s a major undertaking of time and money. When the work’s complete, I’m going to be certain to upkeep our investment so that we can live comfortably – but also so I can ensure that all of the resources that went into it were well spent. […]

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You’re Leaving Money on the Table. How to Apply for, Set-up and Keep Your $10,000 Google Ad Grant

Are you a nonprofit organization? Do you have a website? Well, then it’s time to apply for some free money from Google Ad Grants. Free money doesn’t exist, you say? Au contraire, my friends. Google Ad Grants awards up to $10,000 per month in in-kind AdWords advertising. I’m not sure you were paying attention – that’s $10,000 per month. […]

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When Off-The-Shelf Doesn’t Cut It: 3 Reasons to Build Your Own Web Applications

These days, you can find off-the-shelf Web applications for just about any function your business requires. Have an event coming up and need a quick page? Eventbrite should do the trick. Need a basic “contact us” form for your Web site? Think Wufoo. Heck, with a product like Squarespace, you can even build an entire Web site on your […]

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Why Facebook Still Matters for Non-Profits, Pt. 2

A while back, I posted about the value of Facebook as an audience-building tool for non-profits and social causes. My purpose was to counter the argument that organizations shouldn’t consider Facebook a central component of their online strategy, given that it’s become a pay-to-play platform. Today, I’m going to continue to build the case as to why […]

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