In a World of Disruption, How is Your School Being Perceived?

The global pandemic has upended how classes will be taught this fall. A resulting economic recession has cast uncertainty into enrollment forecasts and financial aid budgets. And a presidential election that promises to be the most consequential of our lifetime is only 90 days away. Talk about disruption.   With so much uncertainty, it’s okay […]

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Why We’re Making Juneteenth a Company Holiday

By now, the chorus of support for Juneteenth–and thus the movement for racial equality–will have grown exponentially. So we won’t be the first small business to announce that tomorrow, Friday, June 19th, Juneteenth, will forever forward be a paid company holiday. This is not an announcement to suggest how great we are for acknowledging the […]

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3 Steps to Building an Online Student Recruitment Pipeline

Now that the coronavirus has put a temporary hold on in-person recruitment events and travel, it’s critical that independent schools build the infrastructure, strategy and tactics necessary to reach prospective students and families online. Even when things return to (a new) normal, having these systems in place will pay future dividends in terms of exposure, […]

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Resources for Hiring Digital Project Managers

2018 has been a great year for BCS Interactive, and we’re currently hiring for a Digital Marketing Project Manager to service a growing client base.  The DMPM will support and work along side our Senior Account and Project Manager.  If there’s someone in your world that meets the job description – send them along, won’t you?  For those of […]

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Throw Out Your “Content.” Write From The Heart.

I’m in the middle of William Zinsser’s On Writing Well – a classic guide to writing non-fiction that I recommend to anyone looking to improve their writing skills.  Zinsser advocates concise, clutter-free writing.  He admonishes his readers to write with purpose.  Reading a book like this got me thinking about “content” and “content marketing” – and how […]

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Owner Summit 2015

I just returned from Austin, Texas, having attended my very first Owner Summit, an immersive two-day “camp” for digital agency owners, freelancers and those passionate about the Web. The folks at The Bureau of Digital Affairs – Happy Cog’s Greg Hoy and Greg Storey, and partner Carl Smith – along with a great staff and volunteers, pulled out […]

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Learning Javascript, Progress Part I

I’m happy to report that my goal of teaching myself Javascript is going well.  For the most part. I continue to be fascinated by the language and programming as a whole, so passion has not ebbed.  Time, however, is the challenge.  Perhaps that’s an excuse (if you’re passionate enough about something, you’ll find a way), but with […]

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Is a Theme Really the Right Solution for Your Web Site?

We’re currently in the midst of a major Web site re-design for a medical practice. The process – and the relationship with the client – has been terrific. They get us, we get them; we’re passionate about doing a great job, they’re serious about giving their patients the right user experience. So far, so good. […]

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