Throw Out Your “Content.” Write From The Heart.

I’m in the middle of William Zinsser’s On Writing Well – a classic guide to writing non-fiction that I recommend to anyone looking to improve their writing skills.  Zinsser advocates concise, clutter-free writing.  He admonishes his readers to write with purpose.  Reading a book like this got me thinking about “content” and “content marketing” – and how […]

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The Reminder vs The Remindee: Why You Want to be the Reminder at Your Job

At your job, you are one of two people: the Reminder, or the Remindee (yes, I made that word up). This is pretty simple to understand: you are either constantly reminding your coworkers of deadlines, meetings and tasks, or you are constantly being reminded. At this point, you probably know which one you are. As the project manager at my job, […]

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